I'd like to request your assistance, with the fine tuning of a professional motorcycle tour through southern BC. I have a friend that works for an international motorcycle tour company, that's asked me to help him w/scouting & implementing a new route in their western Canada tour. It's a 13 day loop (11 riding days), that begins & ends in Vancouver. The route will go through Lake Louise, Prince George, Prince Rupert & Port Hardy.

Most of the tour is already planned, but he's asked me for some assistance, w/the two southern BC days:Princeton to Vernon
Vernon to Lake Louise

Any suggestions you can make with respect to routing, accomodations, restaurants, history, points of interest, scenic vantage points, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

I can't offer you any remuneration, except for the knowledge that your input may end up changing the way numerous international moto-tourers experience our fine country.

Time is essential; So, if you can't reply to this relatively soon - it may be too late!

Thanks for your consideration,