What should i check??
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Thread: What should i check??

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    What should i check??

    i recently picked up a 06 600 RR as my first bike
    it has just under 6 thousand km and i was wondering what i should check before riding to kelowna mid month the bike has just had a oil change and check over but i would like to be doubly sure please let me know
    also is there any relatively major maintance in my near future and other hints or tips to know before my major trip or for everyday riding
    sorry im really anal about keeping my stuff in tip top shape

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    On an '06? With that few kms? Since you've done the oil already then just check the air pressure. Nothing of any consequence at all would go bad that quickly or with that few kms.

    For the regular maintainence schedule look in the owner's manual. If it didn't come with one hit up your favourite Honda dealership for a copy or check online for a scanned one or a soft copy direct from Honda.ca.
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    lube and check chain for proper tension

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    u shoudl check if the windsheild wipers on your RR is working on not..

    check ur tires and lube the chain, make sure you have some zip ties, duck tape and a flashlight in your emergency kit.
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    check blinker fluid and the amount of coolant you have in your headlight unit.
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    check the nut that attaches the seat to the handlebars.
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    Since your anal about your bike I would talk with your mechanic about what needs to be done and what you should watch out for.
    That instead of just posting up for input from strangers.

    Just a thought.

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    pss... when you riding and your seat starts to feel alittle warm..ha thats normal. Don't forget to check your oiil when you get there....

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    check if all the bolts are tight for the chasis, exaust pipe and muffler. after a while they tend to come loose on a new bike

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