No Speeding Tickets, No Track Daze with WCSS

Thursday, June 28th at Mission Raceway

Includes Street and Racer Clinics

We are having a Track Daze and Clinics on Thursday, June 28th, at Mission Raceway. This day is open to both street riders and racers so come on out and carve some turns. This will be a fun and safe day and includes totally non competitive groups where people can ride at whatever pace they feel comfortable at. For riders without a race license the cost is $165.00. Cost for licensed racers is $130.00.

All types of motorcycles including Motards are welcome to join the fun.

All bikes must be in a good state of repair with decent tires. We are saddled with a noise issue so we require all bikes to either have a stock exhaust system, or, we will need to install a noise damping plug (cost is $25) in any aftermarket exhaust. Minimum gear requirements are leathers or heavier type textiles with a newer full face helmet(street) and decent motorcycle gloves and boots.

Additional Information:

Track Camping
Camping at the track on Wednesday evening for the Track Daze will be permitted at no charge. The track gate will be open at 6:00 PM
on Thursday for riders to come in and set up and will close at 10:00 PM.

Rider and Racing Clinics included with Track Daze
For Street Riders: The street group will be led by experienced instructors for their first two track sessions. This will be helpful for knowledge of the best lines through corners and safe passing areas.
Track instructors will circulate with the street group throughout the day offering assistance and instruction where required. Helmet cam analysis is available for a nominal fee.

For Racers: Track instructors will circulate with the racer group offering assistance and instruction where required. Helmet cam analysis is available for a nominal fee.

Track Daze and Clinics Schedule of Events
7:00 AM Gates, registration and bike inspection opens
8:45 AM Riders meeting
9:10 AM Track opens for riding, groups rotate on track with clinic talks
in between riding sessions along with video reviews
12:30 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Track and clinics re-open
5:00 PM Track closes

We hope to see you all out enjoying the day and improving on your riding and
racing skills.
For any any additional info PM or call Troy at 778-863-0563 or during business hours at 604-519-0000.
Pre-registration is recommended as space is limited.