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    Thumbs up Zietgeist Movie

    I thought this was a very interesting movie.

    *****Warning for Religious people and General Sheeple*****
    ***** This may or may not destroy your world view. ******

    Hope most of you enjoy

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    I am 10 mins in and hooked great find!!!
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    I'mdrunk and whatching this, and it's blowing my roman catholic mind...

    I always new I should have been a buddist (sp?).

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    Wow, pretty good movie for those who have not been exposed to that kind of information before. Even for someone like myself who is already wearing a tinfoil hat, so to speak. The part at the end really freaked me out, about the sub-dermal implants and one world government. I can totally see something like that happening, the way things are going. And the video brings up a really good point, that those in control aren't going to have to force it upon the people, people will ask for it! A sad commentary on our modern day society.

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