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    Talking info for your regulatr rectifier

    ok well ppl keep complaining about the RR going bad well ive done some mods to mine even though it was no good like 2 weeks ago well if urs is gone bad i meen its toasted to the point that the plastic melted out and all u got is the metal left ok go get a new 1 cuz my advice is no good 4 u cuz its bad but if not better read this befor u go get urself a huge bill

    now first things first ////// REGULATOR RECTIFIERS ARE MADE TO WITHSTAND EXTREAM HEAT FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME now the problem is we live in a wet world here and they use copper and aluminum connectors HEAT + ALUMINUM OR COPPER = RUSTING u know what im talking about the gross white powdery thing that comes out when u disconnect somthing well thats the big problem that makes the damn things go bad by causing a bad connection = overheating the poor littel thing well now the thing is if its been overheated once the rr is no good for the professionals or the guys with lots of cash but for som 1 like me NOT YET MAN what ive always done and do for all my buddies is use lots of heat compound between the frame and the rr then i go buy a 12v computer fan the little 1z cost bout $7.00 up to $13.00 depends how fancy u want it but i like the cheep 1z they are better they need no mods or nething of that sort so i just take crazy glue (green little tube that comes in a small little clear can from shoppers drugmart or ne big store ) and (dont use too much just enough to hold it in place or else the heatsink on the new fan will be useless) stick the heatsink on the RR now after the glue has dried i plug it into the brake light cable which i think is best but others do it direct but i think brake light cable better because it only heats when ur stopped and if the light is on the fan is on = u have to be pressing the brake to cool the rr because when ur in motion the rr is automaticaly cooled ------------------------------------------------------------> read this stuff befor proceeding to do the mods which i say are very simple and could save u big bucks

    things u need 1:
    A- a fan and heatsink that comes with it
    B- a tube of heatsink compound the nasty white stuff
    C- contact cleaner (no not the one u put in ur eye duh) the 1 for electronics
    D- very fine sandpaper
    E- small clean towel
    F- tube of crazy glue
    -------> of course the required tools to remove the RR and ur battery

    now things to do 2:
    A- remove the RR and clean all the connections (contact cleaner is good) including the heatsink and the frame note if rust present on the frame sand it off and use enought heatsink compound between the frame and the rr and now remount the RR
    B- remove the battrey and sand all terminals and the cables that connect to it regardless of it if it looks clean
    C- replace any fuses that seem white even if not blown or at the very least sand the little tips and squirt the contact cleaner into the female part they sit in to clean it aswell
    D- now reinstall the battrey ( fuses must be done befor u reinstall the battrey)
    E- glue your new heatsink (already connected to ur fan) to the RR just on the back of it
    F- take the negative wire and put it to ground (find a nut or bolt thats mounted to the fram and use that)
    G- now connect the posative wire to power ( if u want it to be direct u will be changing a fan every riding season) test the brake light wires and see which 1 has power in it when the brake is pressed and connect it ( do not solder anything its not good for the fan wires)

    if it works u just saved a bunch of money and let me know how it went please keep posting on this thread as for lots of people are in need of this advice and advice from other great riders out there post ur experiences as a courtasey thanks and enjow alll in all should cost you 45 mins and no more than $35.00 unless u break somthing

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    Not to take away from your idea if you came up with it on your own but this is fairly common knowledge in the Honda VFR and CBR world and has already been around for quite a few years now.

    BUt it's a good reminder to anyone that doesn't know about it already.

    Basically if your regulator gets too hot to hold comfortably when you stop at the roadside after a longer highway run or hard in town ride then you can benifit from the steps listed above.
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