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    Chain Maintenance

    What is your preference for normal street riding:

    1) Chain Lube; or
    2) Chain Wax

    Which works the best?? How often do you grease your chain? Your 2 cents worth please.

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    i prefer bike tech and mods!! it works best for getting your bike tech related question answered. i don't lube my X-ring chain. i clean it with either WD-40 or kerosene and call it a day. i clean it after i ride in the rain and it's going to be dry for awhile.
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    Maxima spray on stuff in a black can. At least every 500k (usually after a long ride).
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    I'm not one to bash reposts. So here are some other threads. Other people have some interesting comments.

    -- I am using Chain Wax right now. Gonna try something else next time. Chain seems to be too dry.
    -- I always lube the chain after a ride while the chain is still warm.
    -- The interval is 500 to 1,000 kilometers or when you see the chain is dry.

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    i just chain lube(the spray kind) because liquid by definition will take up the space of the container it is in. Meaning it can go anywhere. The grease or wax is a solid so in theory it wont go into the joints as well. Thats how i see it.

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    Chain wax all the time... unless you like cleaning all the shit that oil flings all over the place.

    i spray/clean the chain after every couple rides... and after riding in the rain if that happens. I also adjust it every few rides to keep it at the right tension.

    This goes for all my bikes, and my chain/sprockets last for what seems like forever

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