for any of you ebay shoppers
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Thread: for any of you ebay shoppers

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    for any of you ebay shoppers

    beware of this guy:
    A while back, I got screwed by this company after I ordred a powerbronze Windscreen. The short of it, The sent me one for a Duc 996, that was damaged, and not even the correct tint. I tried to contact them with 4 E-mails, 1 Fax, 5 voicemails, and 30 phone calls. Never got a reply from anything. Ended up haveing to go through my Creditcard to get the money recalled. So I have a Warning on my site to warn people. The Revolution site has supposedly closed down, dead link now. Great right? Nope....he's using E-bay now. This is his auctions:

    Auctions for

    And I got this E-mail today from a hayabusa owner that just got screwed like the rest of us did when the Site was still up:


    I bid on an item posted by Steve Collins, aka, at for a power bronze windscreen for my hayabusa. Won the bid, sent him the bank draft but never got the item. Numerous emails were sent by me with no response. Finally sent a negative feedback on his ebay page and what do you know, he responded. He claimed item was sent and signed by me. The tracking number he provided clearly shows the item was delivered and signed for by someone in Scottsdale, AZ. Well, I am from Toronto, Canada. Go figure. Anyways, a member from mentioned that this Steve Collins is associated with Revolutions Superbikes and the company closed shop 2 months ago. What a real ass that guy is.



    And this is the Feedback on his Ebay profile:

    Complaint : BAD service,have not received item over 26 days does not reply to 10 emails sent

    Complaint : BEWARE!Payment sent immediately.Item not even for Aprilia.He refuses to fix it (sounds familiar...he did the same to me!)

    Complaint : NEVER sent the item nor returned my money. A real THIEF! Does not return emails.
    Response by ixil - 1Z7Y63490397526218 UPS tracking #, signed by him, I refused to send another

    Complaint : Does not Email, Never Sent ITem! and ReListed iT ..Dont take a chance..!! lies!
    Response by ixil - he won bid and did not send $$$$$$$$, so thats why i didnt ship!!!

    Complaint : Shipped wrong item. Wanted me to pay to ship back. No response on him paying.
    Response by ixil - Item WAS as described, wanted me to ship him different one then pay, I refused.

    Complaint : I never received the windshield that I paid for and he does'nt return emails.
    Response by ixil - Windscreen was shipped AND recieved, and SIGNED for by HIM!!!!!! Via UPS trackin

    Complaint : Sent money order, have not heard from seller. E-mailed him several times.
    Response by ixil - 1Z7Y63490397358016UPS tracking # NO contact shipped immed after money recieved

    Neutral : Communication needs improvement, slow to deliver

    Neutral : took awhile to get item, but still got it, COMMUNICATION NEEDS WORK BADLY BRO!

    Complaint : have not recieved item or heard from seller e-mailed him twice paid w/billpoint
    Response by ixil - 1Z7Y63490395984138UPS tracking #I have recieved NO emails ETC. redelivered2 time

    Neutral : I paid within 24 hrs but item not shipped for 2 weeks. Communcations awful.
    Response by ixil - Item DID ship right away and was redelivered to me while on vacation. back now.

    Neutral : Good product, fair fit & finish. Needs work on communication and shipping.
    Response by ixil - Sorry, I was on vacation, and unavailable to respond right away with info.

    So just be careful guys, don't want anyone else getting screwed over by this guy. Let your friends and other motorcycles lists/forums know.

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    hmm.. notice eBay about this bastard..

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    Thanks for the heads up Pilot.

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    ebay doesn'tcare about bad sellers... as long as they pay their ebay bills!

    bad transactions still make ebay money...

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    I still had terrible experiences with seller that have 30 positive feedbacks.. I couldn't trust ebay sellers anymore..

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    Check this out from;f=36;t=000081

    Lots of unsatisfied customers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saturnin
    yah....prolly got some gas into the carbs n' shit...

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    Whoa, I was just looking @ one of his auctions too! SCARY!

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