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    Another shop for deals....

    I got a friend who is running a shop mostly for dirt bikes, But can and does work on street bikes Check him out, Nice guy Great prices!!!

    Some info he sent me,
    Also here are a few quick prices on some tires

    Mitas :

    C-17 front 90/90-21 $64.95 DOT LEGAL [GREAT ALL PURPOSE TIRE] I sell tons of these to full dirt riders.

    matched rear

    C-16 REAR 110/100-18 $84.95


    80/100-21 $ 80.00 120/100-18 $100.00

    Michelin S-12 :

    120/90-18 $122.00

    Street tires

    Michelin pilot 120 x 17 $170.00 front 180 x 17 $335.00 rear

    Bridgestone Battlax

    120x17 $185.00 front 180 x 17 250.00 rear

    These are below retail pricing on these selected tires, I also supply full Baja kits and custom lights which I built here in my shop and I carry all the oils,lubes and any hard part you can dream of fly wheel weights,over sized foot pegs, Fat bars and the list goes on and on .

    Need more info let me know

    All the best from Curly
    Remembering Bill Mclean.
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    $505 for a set of Pilot Powers?

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    George are you just randomly promoting shops these days

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