Hi all,
I came across this on svrider.com
Do we have any local dealers carry Spidi suits around here ?
This may be of interest to any who are interested in Spidi products:

From: Alessandro_Marcato@spidi.it [mailto:Alessandro_Marcato@spidi.it]
Sent: November 26, 2002 4:51 AM

Dear customer,
Spidi is now going to enter the Canadian market directly.
Therefore, Spidi wants to select the correct network of dealers in order to find
the better way to satisfy the final customers.
As you showed interest, in the past, in Spidi products, we would like to have 2
inputs by you:
- In which place do you live?
- What's the dealer you normally apply to?

We thank you in advance for your collaboration and we wish you a bright future
with Spidi!

Alessandro Marcato
Export Dept.