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    Just curious about your opinions on browsers. At the moment i'm working on a project where browsers are an important thing.

    Having a hybrid of CSS (no absolute positioning) with nested tables allows for some of the greatest amount of backwards compatibility when it comes to browser support. Currently, I gun for:

    (W3C Compliant XHTML 1.0)
    MAC: IE4.5+, NS4.7x, NS7, Moz 1.01, and Phoenix (Gecko hybrid)
    PC: IE5+, NS4.x, NS7, Moz 1.01, and Phoenix.

    Ive been considering on dropping MACIE4.5 and NS4 browser support simply so that I can utilize all the features that CSS has to offer. Looking at this site now, properly placed CSS tags could probably reduce the amount of code on most HTML pages by 25%. Doesnt sound like much but every little bit counts when it comes down to load-time.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I use mozilla 95% of the time..
    as long as your page looks decent in it I'll visit your page

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