'08 KLRs
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    '08 KLRs

    I read about them in the magazines. Did not know they were so popular and way early. This past weekend I saw so many. In Squamish I saw about a dozen on the side of the hwy plotting their next route. I thought it was maybe some R&D ride in dualsport country. But in NVan today I saw 3. Must be the new looks.

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    Yeah, I see them alot to.

    Just not getting all the bulbous new plastic. I know its for improved win protection on the road. Looks like alot to break when it goes down. Less dirt prowes then previous model. Less suspension Travel. I guess its a good commuter bike now.

    I'd buy something with more power if I wanted more street then off road. Stepping into V-Strom, GS650 territory.

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