Ladies Leathers- any suggestions on where to buy?
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Thread: Ladies Leathers- any suggestions on where to buy?

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    Ladies Leathers- any suggestions on where to buy?

    I need to buy my first set of leathers but can't find anywhere in the city that has any? Any suggestions? I have even been looking on ebay and Craigslist but have had no luck....don't mind buying used, but would prefer to buy new. Also, any suggestiongs on the best brand/type would be much appreciated. Want to try and spend under $1000 for jacket and pants. Something safe and practical..but cute too! Come on! Its leathers! You have to look hot in em'!

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    its a honda
    and feel hot and schweaty in them too...umm dainese and alpine star are pretty much the standard leathers brand u might wanna look into. Have u checked out the parts/accessories forum on here?

    Heres a plug, check out imperial motorcycles on lane street. They have a sale going on right now. or check out

    good luck finding leathers, im planning on just getting some under armour for the summer!


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