Anyone else get hit tonight?
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Thread: Anyone else get hit tonight?

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    Anyone else get hit tonight?

    got smoked by a lady turning left from an east/west street as i was heading south. was on the front brake so hard when she hit me the rear tire was in the air. bike got smoked but pretty much no damage save the front suspension guard got ripped off. i went over her hood at super low speed (scrubbed a bunch before she hit me) but came down super hard on my hand on the pavement and now my wrist is screwed. not broken tho says UBC emerg, just badly sprained. if i was ridin' a sportbike we would be lookin at huge money for rapairs. my uneducated guess is fifty bucks damage...

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    The Law
    U mean you need a new front end right!!!!!!

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    Get a lawyer right away!

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    NOT TELLIN Supermoto:TM450 SMX....
    N/A Supermoto:
    I am sure your trips are tweaked and forks are bent ..
    No more posts and get a lawer ...
    I need more beer ..
    look where you want to go even if there's no chance in hell of actually getting there..

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