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    Question yet another FAN question

    Sorry guys, I've searched the threads already but none seem to answer my question.

    What's the primary job of the Thermo Sensor? (the thing that plugs into the radiator) If it's a heat activated switch that turns on the fan, what does the Sending Unit do that is attached by the thermostat?

    I ask this cause I'm trying to figure out why my fan doesn't turn on anymore.
    At first I thought it was the thermo sensor but found out that it wasn't after installing a new one....80bucks well spent

    Not sure what a sending unit does but could that be the problem?
    The fan works when it's directly hooked up to the battery, and I checked the fuse already.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    The sending unit is used by the onboard systems to decide what numbers to send to the instrument console. The fan switch is the sensor that's typically attached to the radiator itself.

    You can test the fan and temp' switch by pulling back the cover and shorting out the two contacts on the back of the rad sensor switch. If the fan comes on then you're not hot enough or the heat sesing switch isn't working. Mine comes on at 104*C. That's a pretty region to come on. So don't be surprised if it doesn't happen sooner.

    If the fan does not come on when you short out the two contacts with a screwdriver then some of the wireing or one of the connector blocks in the circuit or a broken connection could all be to blame.

    If it's not just the switch then start by checking the fuse panel. If the fuse is truly OK (check it with a continuity meter) then it could be one of the connector blocks is undone or dirty.
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