A nun & a skinhead are sitting in a compartment on a train

the nun was sitting reading her bible

the skinhead was eating prawns

as he stripped each prawn he flicked the head tail ect at the nun

she sat there quietly reading her bible not even blinking.

when the skin head had eaten all the prawns he screwed up the bag & threw that at the nun as well..

with this the nun put down her bible picked up the bag then picked up every little bit of prawn in the compartment walked out into the corridor threw the bag out of a window went to the toilet & washed her hands.
Then she went back & sat oppisite the nun.

As the train started into the station she jumped up ripped her knickers off ripped open her habit opened the window screaming


the skinhead slapped the nun up the side off the head saying silly bitch I have not touched you.

the nun looked at him & said

who they going to believe me a nun a daughter of god

or you a skinhead with fishy smelling fingers