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    Japanese Movie

    Wondering if anyone know anyplace around that have new release movies, cuz saw this on youtube and want to watch this war movie called "ORE-KIMI"....its along the lines of "Letters frm Iwo Jima" , but deals about the Japanese Kamikaze... nice action scenes involving almost "authentic" models of Jap planes like the "Hayabusa" which you don't get frm Hollywood.......

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    i dont belive is out yet.. no one has it that i'm awre off.... i doubt anyone will cary it localy, u might find it when it comes out for sale @ parker place or many ohter chinese electronic stores but as of now still not out.

    even amazon.jp doesnt have it
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    I'm going back to japan in 7 days. I'll keep an eye out, but beware: I charge a 40% markup fee...
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    check out Sakura in metropolis. if they don't have it they can usually order it for you.

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    There's a little store near imperial motorcycles ... it sells used furniture but also has videos for rent ... all japanese run. Rook for the bad sperring. I don't know how updated their stuff is. (=

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    damn this looks like a gd movie

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    none yet
    this does look like a good movie, but its trying to make them look like the good guys, haha i guess because its a japanese movie. definately going to watch it, if someone can find it
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    They might have it, with English subtitles, at one of those "inexpensive" Chinese video stores. If you buy it from one of them, you can ask them to play it for you to ensure that there are English subtitles.

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