Had to pull a ralph!
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Thread: Had to pull a ralph!

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    Had to pull a ralph!

    Well everyone, been a long time since i've posted. Thought about how/what I was going to post on bcsb today since it's been ages, why not rant ah? Riding my Ducati today, near 200th and 64, some idiot decides to stop on a green light because he missed the side street he was supposed to take. If Ducati did one thing right on this bike, it would be making the brakes really good. Locked up the rear, slide sideways, tons of white smoke, but I made it. Shouldn't of grabbed as much as I did, I should of grabbed and increaed the tension slowly till I came to a full stop but I panicked a little! Anyways, it felt good to be back out on the bike today. I'll attend some group rides from now on guys, working less then I did before so I have some free time!

    Oh yeah..

    Yamaha R6

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    Squueeeeeeze the brake, never grab. And the front works much better than the rear Welcome back dude
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    so which part of this post is a ralph? welcome back anyways

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    200th Street in Langley, in my experience, has been one of the worst streets in the GVRD to ride on. The street with it's long straights encourages yahoos to put it to the metal. About every third time I go down the street I have a guy in a car that tries to goad me into street racing just cuz I am on a sportbike.

    I was on it 2 days ago and it was the same story. A couple of yahoos wanting to race and a few people drifting in and out of lanes without looking and travelling at speeds much faster than the traffic flow.

    That street is just bad news for people on motorcycles IMO.
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    Yahoos can be on 2 wheels as well as 4 in Langley...
    A guy on a sportbike on the bypass just at the intersection of Fraser Highway cut across when the light went from red to green from the left turn lane to the right turn lane...that's 4 lanes across. I was going straight through the lights in the right lane in the same direction in my Legacy GT and almost caught his rear wheel when he cut across in front of me. He probably saw me, but completely misjudged my acceleration.
    He took me by surprise, but he should be thankful for the Legacy's great brakes, and that I didn't have the usual cup of coffee in one hand and cell phone in the other.
    Pretty dumb maneuver on a bike at an intersection. :

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    I don't know, I have a hard time finding 200th AVENUE in Langley, but I know 200th st quite well. It truely is one of those major arteries to be avoided if at all possible because traffic can and probably will do anything at any time along there. That's to make now mention of the sheer number of lights to deal with, and the intersecting streets, and side streets and... and... etc... etc...
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