greg white on speedvision sucks.
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Thread: greg white on speedvision sucks.

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    greg white on speedvision sucks.

    what a yutz.

    Náisiúnaithe na hÉireann.

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    Some other dude on speed kept calling riding driving and Freddy Spencer didn't even correct him

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    Dave Despain gets on my nerves. He's got this salesman way of speaking that makes my skin crawl and he is so artificially animated that I have to change the channel. Fat Freddie might have been something 25 years ago but someone needs to put that senior out to pasture. He is useless and boring, which, is not a new thing for him. Greg White was an AMA racer a while back, but I think he sucked shit and couldn't make a living at it. They should get Kenny Roberts Senior in there for a few weeks. He could just arrogantly tell the entire country who sucks and why and you couldn't say a thing against it, because he'd probably be right. Not the most charming guy, but honest. Lets see some of that! "The Goberts? Well, I don't think that a family of drug atticts should be racing" haha! could you imagine! hahaha!
    Sometimes it'd be a suprise to find out who it is standing there beside you.....listening. What they hear may be entirely different.

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