Good shops in Fort St. John?
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Thread: Good shops in Fort St. John?

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    Good shops in Fort St. John?

    I have moved to Fort St. John, and I'm looking for a place to take my bike in and get some maintenance/work done.

    I have already tried the Suzuki dealer attached to the Honda car shop, and they were unable to patch my rear tire from a nail in the center of the tire. The counter guy also asked what the make of an sv650 was (this is a Suzuki store), so now I'm a little leery of this place and would like to try somewhere else.

    Any recommendations or places to avoid?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.


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    When I lived in FSJ, I dealt with Gaudin's Honda in Beaverlodge--between Dawson Creek and Grande Prairie.

    I haven't been there for several years, but they gave me good prices on accessories and I was always impressed with the service.
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    I would have to say go to grande priarie or edmonton if its not a quad they are so lost.

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    Have fun on the road to Chetwynd through Hudson's Hope - that is one seriously sweet piece of road. Make sure you go up to the dam and ride across it and up to the lookout there as well.

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    if you head south on 100th st towards the lookout theres a kawi dealership on your right hand side at about 80th ave. im not sure how they are, but i know its there.

    theres also this little high performance place at the very west end of 100th ave by the chev dealership and the new casino being built. its on the north side of the road. only been in there once, but it seemed decent enough.

    congrats on moving to fsj btw, welcome to the team.

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    I'll second Gaudin's, worth the drive.... The Kawi shop deals with dirtbikes and atv only, they wouldn't even touch my bike. The Suzuki guys never seem to have any time, everytime I called them last summer it was like " Sure you can drop it off, we can probably get to it sometime next week." And the Honda shop the other end of 100th ain't cheap.
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