Bikes on the Board walk is allowing us to race in the middle of the city again this year !

This will be a practice/race. All motards are welcome even mini's. Even if you have never raced before you will have fun at this event.

There's no dirt section , no licence, no spectator fee, no sound limit, or club memberships required.

Equipment : Snell approved helmet , good quality leathers or motocross gear,
good boots and gloves.

Bike : motard any brand or year or size.

Entry fee: $50

Time : 7:30 am sign up , practice starts at 9:00 am sharp.

This is your chance to make some noise in the middle of the city, there will be a Bikeshow, and lot's of entertainment for your family and friends.

If anyone can lend a hand with set up , take down and helping run the event please PM. Everything and everything is appreciated.

Post up if your coming.