Italian Black Leather Couch *NEARLY BRAND NEW*
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Thread: Italian Black Leather Couch *NEARLY BRAND NEW*

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    Italian Black Leather Couch *NEARLY BRAND NEW*

    I have a black Italian leather couch for sale, purchased in February 07 and almost never sat on. With work I have had no time to be home, the couch has probably been sat on 30 times tops, which I think you'll agree is quite little for a couch. Looks mint, no blemishes, rips, or any problems. Dimensions of the couch are (APPROX) 80(length) x 35(Height) x 35(Width) in inches. I purchased the couch for $1,300 + Tax at Mobler Furnature in Richmond.
    Would have to be able to pick up the couch, or provide a way to get it to your place. I am located in Van.

    Asking $900

    pictures here

    Feel free to email me with any questions:

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