Riding in the states on your MSA/MST license..
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Thread: Riding in the states on your MSA/MST license..

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    Riding in the states on your MSA/MST license..

    Hey guys,

    I couldn't find anything about this on the board here after searching, so just a quick question about riding in the states.

    I just finished PRS 2 fridays ago, and have my MST/MSA papers turned into ICBC so I can ride solo now, just not after dark/2up. I am going to the states with a bunch of my friends in 2 weeks, and I may or may not have my first bike by then. (I'm going dealer hopping this weekend. ;D)

    Say I buy a bike this weekend and break it in/get my gear.. I'm going to want to ride it 24/7. Does anyone know the legalities of riding on a BC 'MST' license? I would be driving with a convoy of cars and another bike friend and it would be during the night for the most part, which would be illegal in BC, but I'm not sure how the US would handle it.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


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    Not sure if you're insurance would be valid .... Phone ICBC and find out from them http://icbc.com/help/contact.asp
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