Im selling a 2005 yamaha R6 in raven black. Its been sitting in my garage all summer because i cant afford to insure it at the moment. Theres approx 5000 km's on the odo, origional tires with about 50% left on the back 70% left on the front. And theres a few small scratches on the left side from a tip over, it rained while i was at work and i came outside to find my baby laying down. The damage is very minimal and not even picked up by most people unless you know where to look. Im asking a low price because theres a slight catch to it.

Im trying to get myself into a car, but i need a down payment, sadly; the bike has a lein on it. What would happen is that the buyer would pay for the bike and take it away, i would sign the transfer papers, and i would also sign a promisary note stating the lein would be removed within 2 weeks of the purchase date so it can be registered in the new persons name. The dealship is paying out the rest of the loan for me and removing the lein. So basically someone gets a good deal on a bike, i get my car, and everybody wins.

I have bought and sold on this website several times in the past, so im not just some random person trying to scam you. The bike is located in grand forks, and i can have it moved to the kelowna/vernon/kamloops area for the buyer if need be. Call me at 307-3242 if you have any questions

Pics coming soon. Edit, its the bike in my avatar pic to the left, but more to come hopefully.