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    1 Piece or 2 Piece

    1 Piece or 2 Piece, that is the question.

    I was just in Vancouver not too long ago and I bought a 1 piece Teknic Speedstar for $700 or so... seems like a good price since it was on sale from the 2001 line, and I double checked the retail value which was $1600

    However! Just going over it in my mind and all... I'm no racer, just a commuter who likes going to between Vancouver and Comox on a regular basis. Also, when my bike is insured, I even go shopping with my bike for groceries and stuff. I was thinking I may look a wee bit out of place heading through safeway looking like a power ranger.

    So just wanted to know the advantages and disadvantages of 1 and 2 piece suits

    Oh, and pockets... where the hell am I going to carry my wallet and stuff?! Maybe I should have thought it over some more, but wheres the fun in that

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    On a sidenote here about the Teknic Speedstar suit

    Since this is my first leather suit (I got textile stuff first), it seemed to fit well at first glance.

    But now I see that it seems to get baggy in my uhh rear when i stand up and also it restricts my arms from moving backwards...

    Maybe the suit is designed ONLY for the seated position? Otherwise I may want to look into gettin a better fitting suit

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    Baggy in the rear when you stand is normal. Its meant to fit tight when you are on the bike.

    As for the 1 or 2 debate. Well, you got more options with a 2. But some say that in a crash a 1 is better because a 2 could come apart at the zipper or something like that.

    I dunno about that, if you are in that bad of a crash, where a bigass zipper like that is coming apart, chances are you're pretty fucked anyways.

    I have a 1 peice extremely fugly black Dainese suit with hard armour. Basically a track suit. But I would much rather have a 2 peice for those times when I just want to go for a quick rip. Like picking up chicks.
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    I have the same suit, and when I was buying I went through the whole 1 or 2 pc. debate.

    I went with one because after trying on the Teknic 2 pcs, they all had stupid little jackets that I would never wear alone, so I went with the one that is supposed to be safer in a crash, and easier to put on.

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    A 1pc is better generally then the 2pc depending on the manufacturer.

    For the track, the 1pc is the way to go. Theres less chance of seperation.

    In terms of street riding, I'd have to say that a 2pc is the way to go. If you go for longer rides and stuff and want to stop for lunch/coffee, its much more comfortable to unzip the jacket then sit there with the top portion of your suit wrapped around your waist. And ya, the saggy butt thing is typical.

    I wear a 2pc myself and love it. My jacket is also cut differently so I can wear it comfortably with jeans if I wanted.

    Whatever you decide, get hard armor if you can.
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    my solution:

    buy a textile jacket for casual and short trips around the city

    get a one piece for long rides.

    i went for bottom end stuff for both so that i could afford them both...ie...joe rocket jacket, teknic suit.

    doesnt sound like a practical solution, i know, but i got them both at a fair price...and really, its great. u can go get groceries w/o looking like a total idiot with a textile jacket, and you have great protection for long rides etc with the one peice.

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    I've got a HJC jacket for around town riding and/or going shopping adn stuff.....and I have a 1 piece HJC suit for longer/ faster pace rides. Its a good setup.....but if I had to chose just one?......I'd go for the 1 piece suit. Just need some boots now.

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    i wear a 2 piece, will be getting a one piece thou eventually.
    Its really nice the conveniance of a 2piece, but if you know yer just going out for a spirited ride or whatever a 1piece would rock. And who cares what you look like in safeway? Them soccer moms sure dont, and the old people will clear the isles for you.

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    It's always fun wearing a one piece when your standing in line for food on the ferry!

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    I will not buy a 1pc for the street.

    When I ride (street), I like certain conveniences. When we take breaks in the ride and stop for lunch or coffee (yeah yeah Starbucks or whatever), I like to take my jacket off (oh no, the poseur valued just tanked.)

    Also, in the cooler weather, I wear a textile m/c jacket with liner which is MUCH warmer than my leather jacket. I prefer to not wear jeans, so I wear my leather pants (armor) with reallly fancy (read-$) long underwear. With this combination - riding in the cold is quite do-able.

    Others would also say if they're running to the store for milk, they would wear the leather jacket and not the pants (jeans).

    I like the flexibility.

    Now if I was racing at the track - it'd be 1 pc. A crash is highly likely and I'm not stopping for a bite to eat half way through my ride.

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    Originally posted by Eddie
    Also, in the cooler weather, I wear a textile m/c jacket with liner which is MUCH warmer than my leather jacket. I prefer to not wear jeans, so I wear my leather pants (armor) with reallly fancy (read-$) long underwear. With this combination - riding in the cold is quite do-able.
    Yeah, that's definately the best way to go for cooler weather. I have a 2-pce I wear for most of the summer, and a perforated leather jacket for the really hot days...but nothing beats the textiles when it gets cold. Just put on a light sweater (or heated vest if you have it) and long-underwear underneath the suit, and you're ready for anything.
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    Thanks for the input, I'll probably take a look into gettin some new textile gear ummm eventually
    But for the next while, look out! hahaha If you see some guy going just EVERYWHERE in his blue and white one-piece suit, it's probably me

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