Ticket for $109 -$25 dollars off if paid within 30 days!
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Thread: Ticket for $109 -$25 dollars off if paid within 30 days!

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    Ticket for $109 -$25 dollars off if paid within 30 days!

    I have a 06 CBR with the Fender Eliminator Kit. I just got a ticket and I want to dispute it. Does anyone know where I can get the LAW? Or did anyone get into this type of situation before? If so, I need help, I want to shut these bastards up for once.

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    well its pretty simple if the cop can't see your plate... well i think u can figure out that one.
    Smile , it makes ppl wonder what you're up to :D

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    what was the ticket for having a fender eliminator or not showing your plate??? if the latter then no point to fight

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    dude!!! dont cheap out, if you cant see the plate, and w/ most eliminators you cant, you know it!!! pay the man and be done!!! geez..

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    Could have been worse i got a vehicle inspection or it would have been 198 dollar fine and honestly i would have rather the fine. A VI is a pain in the ass and you can only get so many before they take the bike from the road for good!!!!!

    Underlined defined to you is if a cop thinks hes doing you a favor by giving you a VI he is sadly wronged.
    Well if i have a plate that cannot be seen or a pipe that is loud by the meter they shove in it, with them redlining to get a noise from it. Okay so far that would be 2 counts if they were both different cops laying vI's on you... Get a third and you will have to get the bike super VI'd due to it being an unsafe thing!
    It happened to a friend of mine!
    It was brutal they fine toothed his bike from one end to the other in the end it cost him loads in time and they wanted loads done to the bike....
    It was not unsafe it was modified they wanted all stock back and more....
    Just warning you all of the things that can happen...

    This also happens to trucks that are lifted as well....
    Think about it (Police) if you're reading this post next time you wanna fuck someone for a VI look at the ride seriously please..
    You are not a mechanic nor a safety inspector.... Most people put their own life on the bike everyday and do go fast... Would i ride a unsafe ride to harm myself????
    Most guys that also lift trucks spend more money than brains on them making them waht more unsafe??? BULLSHAT.......
    I have a 3000+ dollar front end on my truck/ 2000 dollar tires and 600 dollar rims! Over 800 dollars in shocks and i could go on and on the rcmp await my every corner to stop me and piss me off looking for what? OH another VI laid on me for what everytime it gets taken in to a place to be re- Vehicle inspected its the same thing over and over again nothing wrong or nothing to be done all safe!!!! Get a life man and stop roasting people that pay your freaking wages.........

    PS you should have just fucked off when the lights came on if your plates hard to read then all the better.........

    But regards to your post you got off easy with a 109$ ticket and 25 off if paid within 30 days pay it and leave it alone
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