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    2002 Silver SV650s *** SOLD ****

    **** SOLD for $4,200 ****

    2002 Silver SV650s - $4,200

    18,000 km. Perfect mechanical condition.

    All stock except:
    - 2003 ZX-6 Rear Shock (original included)
    - Racetech cartridge emulators (front forks)
    - 0.85kg Racetech springs (front forks)
    - Front blinkers replaced
    - Frame Sliders

    - Rear Stand
    - Tank Bra

    Bike was lowsided on both sides at low speed. Cosmetic damage was repaired. (Scratched plastic, broken levers). A small bit of rash on the engine case cover. The frame sliders protected the rest of the bike.

    Bike is uninsured, but if we come to terms we can arrange a test ride.

    Selling because i downgraded to a Bandit 400.
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