Nails...lots of nails - Marine Way Westbound at Byrne
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Thread: Nails...lots of nails - Marine Way Westbound at Byrne

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    Nails...lots of nails - Marine Way Westbound at Byrne

    Just drove through that stretch and saw that somebody lost many, many cases of nails. They're banded nails for nail guns, but the sets are being broken up as people drive over them. I'd guess that they're spread out over about a 500m stretch. You might want to give that road a miss until they clean it up...and even then, can you really get them all?

    Location: Westbound, Marine Way, east of Byrne Road.
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    it goes fast...thats all you need to know
    thanks for that...i drive that route regularly...guess i won't be for a bit....
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    Thanks for the heads-up. I drive that route everyday.

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    ^dude, your avatar got me trouble at work today :angry:

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5ive0 View Post
    ^dude, your avatar got me trouble at work today :angry:
    Well then don't pull it out.

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