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    electric bikes

    driving home tonight I saw 2 separate electric bikes crash. These people are complete morons. Both were a result of no balance/control. The first was trying to sneek between the curb and cars like a cyclist would do. Gouged down the side of the car, swerves and then hits the curb. The second was trying to stop at a light and forgot that one must put their feet down when stopped. Right behind that one was a large delivery cube van.
    There is something wrong with them using (or trying to use) a lane to them selves. They seem to only do about 10km/hr, no licensing, insurance or skills required before strapping on a bicycle helmet and hitting busy streets.

    The manual talks about going "green" for the environment but lacks to tell of all the "red" they'll lose from roadrash!

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    I'd beat the crap of em if they scraped up my car. That would be after i stopped laughing though
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