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    Apex Project 2007 Tickets + Info

    Hey, just thought I'd post this in case there a few electronic music heads that also ride bikes.

    Apex 2007 is coming up, Saturday August 4th out in good old Chilliwack, lots of stages this year so a nice variety of tunes. My friend and I run the Boomch stage and it will be bumping with around 30 000 watts this year

    If anyone needs tickets (10$) or more info you can PM me. For those that have no clue what Apex is, pretty much its a giant rave with about 6000 people outdoors all night in Chilliwack. Bring a tent and partaayyyy.

    Lineup and the official info is below...

    Apex Project 2007
    Saturday, August 4th, 2007

    After being touted as Canada’s Premiere party destination by STUFF Magazine, Apex Project returns yet again. This year we have pulled out all the stops. With new talent, and some old, there is a little bit of something for everyone. Bring your friends, bring your tents and bring yourselves. You don’t want to miss out on Canada’s largest outdoor summer event.

    Spectrum presents Musicology

    MAT THE ALIEN (UK, WSTLR) - www.myspace.com/matthealien

    Your favourite DJs' favourite DJ! Hailing from the UK, this amazingly talented Brit fell in love with Whistler and since relocating there has become one of our provinces most world-renown DJs having played high-profile gigs in Asia, Europe and the U.S. His Shambhala sets are legendary and we expect nothing less from his Apex debut.

    J-SWING + FLIPOUT - The Beat 94.5 / www.myspace.com/straightgoodsradio

    World renown as Vancouver's top hiphop DJ's! Most of us have grown up listening to J-Swing on CITR 101.9 and The Beat 94.5. Everyone from Kanye to De La Soul to A-Trak have publically praised this icon. Hiphops renaissance man Flipout is a DJ, B-Boy and MC and is perhaps the most visible person in the Vancouver Hiphop scene for the past 10 years; and despite evolving, is so true to the art form that Afrika Bambaataa personally reached out to him to give him props last year.

    HEDSPIN vs. PUMP - Kut Co / www.myspace.com/djhedspin www.myspace.com/djpump
    WUNDRKUT - Kut Co / www.myspace.com/djwundrkut
    BLES-SED - Soul DJ / www.myspace.com/djbles_sed
    RICO UNO vs. NEOTERIC - The Party Killahs / Go Dumb / www.myspace.com/djneoteric / www.myspace.com/ricouno
    SEKO vs. MARVEL - The Freshest Kids / Higher Ground / www.myspace.com/djseko604 / www.myspace.com/marvelousmervs
    NEEDLE KINEVAL - Get Up Get Down / www.myspace.com/hellohihey
    SEAN LA-LA - Spectrum / www.myspace.com.com/spectrum_events

    Swing Kids Entertainment

    Drum n’ Breaks

    Sir Kutz vs. Zacharia (SEA) – www.sirkutz.com, USB / 360BPM, Rane

    We are pleased to welcome back Sir Kutz for a third year in a row, and this time he is bringing a friend. For over 8 years, these two have been at the forefront of the scene in Seattle, including weekly Residencies at just about every Drum n’ Breaks night in town. Vancouver is in for a real treat with this duo. Expect to hear these two professionals drop some Dubstep, Breaks, Garage and DnB for three straight hours. Kutz and Zacharia are going to tear up the dance floor, are you ready?

    Akeel vs. Mateo – Pound Recordings, Needle / Swing Kids, FNK
    Missy Chrissy – www.soundgirls.ca
    Triple D – Swing Kids
    DJ Eris – www.djeris.com, Pound Recordings
    Matty G – Swing Kids
    Neoh – Swing Kids

    House and everything else….

    Christian Alvarez – Delecto Recordings

    Christian is pretty much the God of House Music. Whether you prefer his peak-hour tunes or his deep, soulful grooves DJ's abroad have been supporting his music in both clubs and radio stations all across the globe since his first EP in 2002. Christian has had more than 30 original/remix productions on many international labels. It is safe to say we haven't seen the last of Canada's newest House superstar.

    Hirshee vs. Landon – Blow Media, Twisted / SlapFunk All*Stars, Swing Kids

    After almost a 4 year hiatus, two of Vancouver's favorites are back layin'
    beats and rocking dance floors again. Their styles may have changed, but
    the groove is still the same. Be prepared for a bumpin’, slammin’, funked, out
    set that will keep you on the dance floor till the very end. Often imitated
    but never duplicated, Cookies and Cream are comin’ to Apex.

    Deliverance vs. B.Love - SlapFunk All*Stars / Dizzy
    Soma – Solid Corp, Silverwaters
    Tuna – Swing Kids
    Ollie Ple – Swing Kids, Delecto
    Stringbeans – Swing Kids
    Shitshow and the Hair Bandits – Swing Kids
    DJ JC – Swing Kids

    www.slowdjs.com, www.swanklogic.com

    BARISONE – (OR) - The Grove, Person People

    Barisone hails from California, Living in both the Bay area and Santa Cruz. Over the past two years alone Barisone has shared the stage, and Deejayed for the likes of KRS One, Talib Kweli, J Boogie, Blackalicious, Crown City Rockers, Sweat Shop Union, Swollen Members, Dj Abillities, Professor Stone, and Heavyweight Dub Champion. So please welcome Barisone as he makes his Canadian debut, playing his own signature style of Funky ass shakin' Breaks, Electro, Funk, Reggae, 80's and Hip Hop.

    VINNIE The SQUID aka TECHSTYLES - Swank Logic, Slow DJs, Erthtonez

    There are not many words to describe a DJ as diverse as Vinnie the Squid. The past year alone he has shared the stage with Bryan Jones, Dj Revolution, Sweat Shop Union, to name a few, as well as working on projects with Chali 2na, Blackalicious & Opio from Heiroglyphics. In his most recent works Vinnie has started his own digital record label "SWANK LOGIC" releasing his own compositions under the name Techstyles on top of music from many other talented producers and artists.

    RICCO - Slow DJs, Contempo Radio
    SMITCH P - Slow DJs, Cherry Systems
    RHIANNON - Slow DJs, Fly Girls
    DJ LEAF - Slow DJs, Swank Logic
    LOFTEY - Slow DJs, Getergoin'
    NIMA - System, Believe
    G ROCK - Signal, Intimate)

    Stage hosted By: ERTHTONEZ - Slow Djs, www.erthtones.biz

    Sound Funktion w/ Mnemonic Productions

    Featuring the original Mnemonic wooden dance floor!

    This year marks the fifth installment of our involvement with Apex so we decided to join forces once again to bring you an environment which you will not soon forget. Get ready to experience some serious sounds from some serious West Coast DJ’s and producers offering a range of genres and mixing styles in one smooth and seamless performance.

    Theory in Motion, LIVE PA (SEA) - www.myspace.com/theoryinmotion

    DJ Jordan (SEA) - myspace.com, housewreckin206

    Kreeper (SEA) - djkreeper.com, houswreckin’
    Blaze Kik and Ozzius - myspace.com/bass_kicks / myspace.com/ozzius, soundfunktion.com
    Richie Spoons (SEA) – NuBass, Bodyrock
    Arithmattik (SEA) - Mnemonic
    Josh Hall (SEA) - DB Productions, Another Half Records
    DJ Application - Write Sound

    Doh Boy and Euphonic Entertainment

    Kristoff-Edmonton - www.djkristoff.com/www.difm.com

    Canada's trance icon returns to heat up the Vancouver floors. Just over 1 year ago to this day Kristoff was signed to Matt Darey's UK Label with an explosive remix of Lost Tribe - Gamemaster, which hit #1 on several foreign Dance Charts. His new additiction to Psy Trance Sounds has coupled with his on-going passion for high-nrg hard edged trance materials. If you're into any flavor of trance, NRG and even hard house, this is not an act to miss!

    DJ Gemini-Calgary Warehouse/www.djgemini.com

    Holding down the afterhour scene with SLIDE Saturdays in Calgary, Gemini delivers the goods. Both energizing and hypnotizing, his blend of electro trance is not to be missed.

    Scotty Oh! - Doh Boy, Euphonic Ent.
    Ross Anderson - Euphonic Ent, www.djrossanderson.com
    Denman - TKO, Doh Boy
    Jimmy Vallance - Total Digital Recordings, Twisted
    Isaac Amor – Basslinedjs.com, djisaacamor.com
    Jaytimer - Euphonic Ent, TKO
    Natron - Doh Boy, newtechpirates.com


    Since 2002, we've been known for showcasing a sample of Seattle's finest Drum & Bass & Breakbeat DJ’s. This year, along with blending in new musical varieties, we're also delivering some of the hottest GO-GO DANCERS Seattle has to offer. Just to be sure all this Seattle talent is displayed properly, we're presenting it all on the crystal clear 30+KW MNEMONIC SOUND SYSTEM & our hand-constructed newly remodeled DANCE FLOOR for our 5th year straight!

    Rob Noble (SEA) – KVT, Moonbass
    J.Sharpe (SEA) – MNEMONIC, WebbWerxx
    Jesiah (SEA) - ChickenHed.us
    Vex (SEA) - MNEMONIC
    16 bit Villian (SEA) - WebbWerxx
    Dirty Steve (SEA) - dasBEBEN.shift, Moonbass
    Loki (SEA) – MNEMONIC, Beatcon
    Cory (SEA) - Oracle Gatherings, Planet Earth
    Kohei (SEA) - MNEMONIC

    Leftcoast Undertainment
    Wax - djwax.ca

    Simply one of Canada's Best Hiphop DJ’s; This Canadian DMC Champion is set to make his exclusive 1st ever appearance @ Apex. One of the world’s select few who have mastered both the art of both DMC & Party Rock. Wax is on a level where other DJs can only dream....if you love your party rockin’ hiphop, this man will not disappoint. Sickness from the Vancity Legend himself - DJ Wax!
    Stimulant J vs. C-Stylez – lcu, soulgood
    Speedyshoes vs. Yeppa - reel-lyfe allstars, LCU
    Reign - Rockstar
    Cipher - LCU
    Frisk vs. Goldade- LCU
    Brentley B - Bang-on Ent.
    Lisa Luscious (USA) - Royal Phunk, ET bros.

    Internationally known female breaks DJ Lisa Luscious is back for another year of madness @ the LCU Breaks stage. Playing everywhere from New York City to the Cayman Islands & currently residing in Southern California she is pumped to be flying back to Vancouver for this special occasion! Be sure to not miss this exclusive from the hometown queen herself - Lisa Luscious!
    B-Funk – LCU

    This hometown boy is on his way to the top: B-Funk has officially taken the city by storm. Ask anyone who has seen him play the past year and you know the man’s destroyed party after party at a rapid pace! Last year he had the crowd chanting his name after his set! This time around expect the same chaos + more from our breaks headliner B-FUNK!
    Chemical DJs - Stimulant J vs. Average Citizen - myspace.com/chemicaldjs
    Kraig vs. Precise - Twisted, Agroculture
    Amanda Rude - flydjs.biz
    Lawrence Kao vs. Tim C - deviantbreaks.com, tim-c.com
    Twista - LBG Ent.

    Infinity Events and Decibel Records

    Mike Foyle (Armada, UK)

    Mike Foyle has rapidly risen up through the ranks not only as a successful trance producer and remixer but also as a DJ. Mike’s most successful singles to date, “Love Theme Dusk” and "Shipwrecked" have been hailed worldwide as some of the biggest trance releases of 2005 and 2006. The team behind the annual Sinful, Pink, and Trancemission are proud to bring this dynamic performer to Canada for the first time in an up-close and intimate setting.

    Allya -Infinity, Twisted
    Greg C - Altered States, Infinity
    DJ Split - Beatfreakx, Calgary
    Ben Giovanni - Evolve, Decibel
    Noof Krakker - Evolve
    Remeddie - Evolve


    Male Model Machine - Blufin, Fakt

    WARMM.CA has hailed them as the next breakthrough act to come out of
    Vancouver. These boys are poised to take the house music scene by storm.
    With international radio play and nods from industry players such as Chopstick (Berlin) and the Cheshire Catz (London) be sure that these gents will raise a monocle or two.

    Rhia Wellbelove - Believe, Ree-Fresh

    Being influenced by her travels around the world Rhia has reached out to bring a diverse brand of house music to the dance floor. Rhia's residencies at Believe and Proper have brought her to the forefront of Vancouver's house scene. She is certainly a rising star that should not be missed.

    The Speed Sisters, Amanda Rude vs. DJ Bree (EDM) - www.flydjs.biz
    Sean Gallagher - Playittonight.com, PH1
    Blair Vanhaus - Believe, www.blairvanhaus.com
    J-Girl - www.flydjs.biz
    Lazy Rich - Absolute, Abstract
    Tre Funk - Silverwaters
    Lisa Kay - Ree Fresh

    Fresh Entertainment Stage

    DJ AMPZ - Paradigm United, Amplified Radio

    DJ Ampz has been the host of Amplified Radio, an internationally syndicated electronic music radio show which since August 2000. He is also the founder of Paradigm United, a Music Co-op/Promotions initiative, servicing South-Western Ontario. Coming off the launch pad of his new labels, 4 Play Trax (House) and Amplified Digital (Tech-Trance), DJ Ampz is thrilled to be bringing his sound to the decks at this festival.

    KIDD LITTLE - www.kiddlittle.com, www.myspace.com/kiddlittle

    He is one of the next Canadian DJs to make a mark with the latest Electro, Sexy, Disco, and Funky house sounds. With 8 years behind the decks Kidd Little has graced the stage at such clubs as Guvernment, and Revolution, and countless gigs deep underground. As his career progresses, look for him to appear more and more on labels such as Hatiras's Blow Media, and 4Play Trax with his own original productions.

    SYLENT SYD - Viper Music, www.myspace.com/sylentsyd
    ZENMASTER CHI - Rewind Crew, www.myspace.com/zenmasterchi
    JESSICA PITT - www.soundgirls.ca , Fresh Entertainment
    HARDEEP - Fresh Entertainment, www.myspace.com/deepdrivenhardrhythms
    KIP - www.kip.fresh-entertainment.ca, Fresh Entertainment
    DEROC - Fresh Entertainment, www.deroc.fresh-entertainment.ca


    The Lost Boys (SEA) - Exclusive 3 hour set!

    Sean Majors & Gene Lee have solidified themselves as some of the most in demand DJ’s in the Northwest. As Co-Founders of Seattle’s own Pound Music, the Lost Boys have been taking the international dance scene by storm. From Australia to Brazil, their pounding drums and warm bass lines can be found in the sets of DJ Dan, Hipp-E, Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, LawnChair Generals, Inland Knights and Donald Glaude. Their live sets are nothing short of spectacular with the two of them rocking tracks, tools and acapellas to perfection.

    Uxud - Boomch
    Mikefasssy - Boomch
    Dave McNasty - Boomch
    Julian Chow - Boomch

    MX Productions

    DJ Myshell - Taiko Records, www.djmyshell.com

    Trained in Acutonics and Sound Therapy, Myshell's music defies the boundaries set by electronic music genres. Her productions fuse a vast array of influences. Her live electronic act incorporates elements of trance, house, breaks, funk, rock and even hip-hop. Myshell's spontaneous sets involve remixes on the fly with loops layered and arranged in real time. No two shows are alike.
    Average Citizen - Silverwaters

    Average Citizen began his partying days in the electronic scene back in 1999. An avid lover of music, he was driven to begin DJ’ing by his music addiction. Buying his first pair of decks in 2001, he began his love affair with all beats. With his flawless mixing and dirty basslines one must really question how average this citizen really is...

    Corinna Thomas - Lakidd Entertainment, Pearl Drums
    Herbal Vegas - MX Productions, www.mxproductions.org
    DJ Rehab - MX Productions, www.mxproductions.org
    DJ Jason Roy - Lakidd Entertainment, Firedog Crew
    Nabs – Silverwaters, MX Productions

    Silverwaters Entertainment

    RC Lair – Believe, The School of Mix

    RC Lair, DJ and dance music veteran is an individual whose musical savvy has defined his journey from infancy until now. With a resume sure to eclipse most, he has a formidable musical collection and over 15 years on the decks. RC has an unparalleled skill for feeling a room and delivering the answer. RC can now be found laying weight to the dance-floor and playing the newest sounds at all of Vancouver's hottest parties.

    Miss Marz – Silverwaters, Evolve

    Miss Marz has taken influences from many sources. Cutting her teeth in the West Coast's top clubs, playing everything from trance and techno to her first love, electro and house, this woman has consistently pushed the envelope with genre-defying sets and vibrant stage presence. Her mixing and beauty aside, one really has to see her in action to appreciate the raw, sizzling energy that is Miss Marz.

    Jeff Daniels - Blow Media
    Oliver Nickels – Silverwaters
    Myshell - MX Productions
    Skip EZ - Silverwaters
    Lady Ak – Silverwaters, Rype
    Infidel - Silverwaters
    Average Citizen vs. Stimulant J a.k.a. Chemical DJ's – Silverwaters, LCU


    Titus1 (CGY) - www.titus1.ca, www.myspace.com/djtitus1

    Originally hailing all the way from Santiago, Chile, and taking residency in the city of Calgary, Titus1 performs a blend of uplifting house you won't forget. From illicit bass lines to streaming thumping melodies, ranging from funk to electro, this set is not to be missed.

    Amdiem (CGY) - www.elementaldjs.ca, Elemental

    Jeff is no doubt a solid addition to the Elemental Djs roster, and shows much promise for the future. Keep an eye out for this kid, cause you won't want to miss him!

    Grimey Technician - Elemental
    DJ Tap - Elemental
    Julez Fontaine - Elemental
    Jay Fraid - Elemental
    Soulfix - Elemental
    Kidd Little - Elemental
    DJ Pseudo - Elemental
    Sundrop - Elemental

    Altered States

    Mike Downey

    Mike Downey has been rocking dance-floors all over the globe for the last 10 years, playing alongside such luminaries as BK, Andy Farley, Lisa Lashes and a who's-who of World-Class DJ's. Fresh from playing Full-Moon parties in Thailand and Ministry Of Sound in Taipei, give a Canadian legend a warm welcome as he graces Apex 2007.

    Brat – Brat Productions
    Greg C. – Altered States, Infiinity
    Allyah – Infinity, Evolve
    Jimmy Chou – Solid Corp.
    Sheps – Twisted, Altered States
    Projectone – Harder Revolutions, Altered States
    Firewire – Altered States
    Remeddie - Evolve

    Ticket Locations

    Online at www.clubzone.com


    Boomtown : 604-893-8696 / 1252 Burrard St. / Vancouver
    Eastside Urban Wear : 604-451-3310 / Metrotown / Burnaby
    Beatstreet Records: 604-683-3344 / 439 West Hastings Street / Vancouver
    Vinyl Records: 604-488-1234 / 319 West Hastings Street / Vancouver
    Cottonmouth Smoke Shop: 604-331-1602 / 1120 Davie Street / Vancouver
    Dipt : 604-669-9990 / 819 Hornby St @ Robson / Vancouver
    Livestock : 604-685-1433 / 213 Abbott St / Vancouver

    The Island:

    Sacred Herb : 250-384-0659 / 106 - 561 Johnson St. / Victoria
    Lucid Records : 250-753-3571 / 35 Commercial St. / Nanaimo

    Fraser Valley and Okanagan

    Coastal Riders : 604-581-9234 / 10310 152 St. / Surrey
    CD Plus : 604-858-7922 / 45585 Luckacuck Way, Cottonwood Mall / Chilliwack
    Replay : 604-859-5867 / 2485 West Railway / Abbotsford
    The DJ Store : 250-763-2201/ 466 Leon St. / Kelowna
    HempCity : 250-558-3088 / 3004 31 St. / Vernon
    CD Plus : 250-832-1155 / 1151 10th SW Ave / Salmon Arm

    United States:

    Platinum Records : 206-324-8032 / 915 E.Pike St. / Seattle
    Sonic Index : 360-527-1150 / 1220 N. State St. / Bellingham


    Giant 45 : 403-244-5845 / #1403 11 St. SW / Calgary
    Treehouse Records : 780-428-7334 / 10249 97 St. / Edmonton

    Ticket Prices:

    $10 – Limited amounts available, find them while you can.
    $15 – 2000 regular tickets available
    $25 – 1500 regular tickets available
    $30 – 500 VIP tickets available
    $35 – 1000 VIP tickets available


    Infoline – 604-451-3033

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