I've had a hard time deciding whether or not I want to keep this bike.

I've owned 4 bikes (mostly 600's), and it's definitely the best one yet. Most well rounded anyway.

I want to start getting into wheelies etc, and although I know this bike is capable for it, I'd rather just let someone else have it for what it was made for, and get a nice 600 to bag on!

So, I'm just seeing whether anyone has a 02+ 600cc sportbike they would like to trade for a more comfortable well rounded bike.

30k on the odo
Some scratches from previous owner, but it hasn't been down at high speeds
(and I've never dropped it)
Micron Pipe
Corbin Seat
Aftermarket screen
Pilots (1500kms on em)

email me some trades

Sale price is 6500