LP front stand owners, help please
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Thread: LP front stand owners, help please

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    LP front stand owners, help please

    Does anybody on the board have a Lockhart Phillips front stand?

    I just got one after 2 months of waiting and I can't make the friggin thing work. There is a pin that fits into the bottom of the lower triple clamp but I can not seem to get it fully inserted. No matter how I manuever the stand the angle is wrong and the pin will not seat.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there a secret to this type of stand?

    Shit! I knew no good could come from opening an x-mas present early....

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    Bomax Motorsports
    we use one at the shop,its a white one ,it came with a bunch of differant pins for each bike,try the pins first,otherwise you may have to lift the front a bit for it to slide in all the way,watch your fender it'll probably be pretty close.good luck.

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    Thanks John (Mike?)!

    I had my son lift the front of the bike a bit while I put the pin in. I guess it's a 2 guy job. Now it's off with the forks, next stop Traxxion Dynamics!

    BTW, thanks for the tip on the fender too, I put a towel over it first, if I hadn't I am sure I would have scratched it.

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