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Check it out....tell any friend who dirt bikes

The mayor and his council of merry men and women want to block access to Blue Mountain. This will be up for discussion at the next council meeting.

One way that they may do this is to have the RCMP write tickets to everyone whose bike touches the pavement on 256th. I believe the ticket are around $400. And they want want to be really nasty they can confiscate your bike. I would rather have the police out taking care of street racers and drunk drivers than hassling dirt bikers.

What you can do is be at the council meeting. We need all dirt bikers possible to be in attendance.

The meeting will be on Tuesday 7:00pm July 24, 2007. The municipal hall is on Dewdney Trunk in the building with the big metal horse. Show the mayor that he won't get extra vote by acting like this.