I just purchased this gorgeous entertainment/TV stand unit last week (I have the receipts).

I put it together and realized it’s too big and overpowers the rest of the living area…

It’s the BOSSA Plasma TV Bench from EQ3 in “night” (a dark blackish brown)

So this thing is brand spanking new…

I caused a very very slight bit of damage to it when I put it together but its not very noticeable because its in the back corner that’s against the wall.

Retail was $450 + taxes ($508.50 after taxes)

Looking for $360 OBO

Actual pictures to come – but for now, you can check out EQ3’s website for dimensions and other detailed information


Piece is located in Downtown…you’ll probably need a pickup truck or cargo van or an SUV of some sort to transport it…2 people required to move the piece. A dolly would probably be very useful too!