As many of you know Michael and I both rode in and finished the 2005 Iron Butt Rally.

For some strange reason I threw my hat in the ring again for 2007 and was by some perverted twist of fate drawn again.

So in 3 weeks I am off to St Louis for the start (yes I am riding there and home afterwards as well).

Michael will post the daily link to BCSB for your reading enjoyment.

Rob Nye a pal of ours is also riding again in 07 and has a pretty good blog going as he counts down the days to the Rally. He is riding a BMW 1200RTP (police bike) this year and his bike is about as farkled as one can get.

Note that Rob is also a well known and extremely competent bluewater sailor and has been the navigator on many of the big open water races

Rob has a daily blog going and just to read about his bike prep is, well, it is overwhelming in some ways.