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Thread: Camping canopies

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    Camping canopies

    Gonna be camping later this August. Am thinking it might be good to get some kind of shelter for over the picnic table in case of rain or blazing sun.

    Something like an ez-up, but I can't afford to pay big dollars. Suggestions?

    Canadian Tire has some on sale, but I'm worried they'll be crap.

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    just got 2 ez ups from walmart 100 bucks ea. great quality

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    Costco usually has them at this time of year, but I couldn't tell you how much. I know from experience that they're always a bitch to set up, figuring out which pole goes where. But once they're set up, they're excellent. If the easy-ups from Walmart are just as sturdy, then that would save you a lot of setup and teardown time.

    Caution on the easy-ups: Make sure everyone holding a corner (you usually get one person on each corner to set it up) has their hands our of the way of the scissoring metal bits. I haven't seen any blood yet, but i've seen a lot of people with serious pinch-bruises. Open and close slowly, be ready to stop instantly if someone shouts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrock View Post

    as well as,1/4" rope and pegs.
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    I saw the walmart ez-ups, they looked good! Check them out, and they are cheap cheap cheap for what you get.
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