keeping leathers clean!
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Thread: keeping leathers clean!

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    keeping leathers clean!

    For those of you who own leathers in "brighter" colour such as blue/red/white/yellow/green, HOW do you KEEP them clean all the time during everyday use???
    Personally i consider myself as a pretty neat/clean guy, and i find that my leathers just get dirty REAL easily! I find myself cleaning them atleast once a week! and it takes me nearly 2hrs to get them all clean and shiny again....stupid bugs and dirt build up!!!!!HELP!!
    Should i even be cleaning them all the time? or is this just my personal prefrence?...should have gotten black or dark gray...

    just wanna hear some of your thoughts and opinions thats leathers are black,red, and white btw.

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    ... wait... i'm supposed to clean them? ... well fuck

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    just wear em, wipe the bug guts off, and be happy.
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    I haven't washed my leathers in a year.
    I used to obsess about it, and cleaned them very regularly. Now I just don't care. Soon, grasshopper, you will find the Zen in letting bugs be dead bugs on your gear.
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    The top coat on most leathers is sprayed on, stamped on, then sealed with something to keep it there...
    Clean the dirt and discolorations off as best you can (some stains won't go away), then reseal it with a leather oil or wax type product.
    Clean it, and seal it back up. This helps keep the dye that has been added to the surface of the leather to stay on the surface of the leather.

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    I can't stand bug guts. Wipe down with a moist towel after a long ride. Clean and Condition with Mother's Leather Care once a month...thats all I do. In time the leather will crack and surface dye will peel... oh well.

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    I've found that if you want to take a stain out, crash..slide down the road on the leg with the stain...voila!

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