Just recently I have had the red light coming on on the instrument panel. Usually comes on while I am riding in 3rd/4th gear at around 8/10k Rpms. But if I just close off the cut off switch and turn it right back on, the light disappears but it will show again if I ride around 10k Rpms. If I am riding at let's say 6000rpms in any gear it won't show. Anyone know what the problem is? Anyone know how I can detect the error code on the 954?Perhaps I can do something about it before having the mechanic fix it for me.

I have looked in the service manual and haven't traced it down to anything. I thought it would mean low oil but have topped off the oil a few weeks ago but it still comes on. I did a search but mainly found problems with the F4I that had red light and FI flashing. Note my FI lights do not flash, only the red light comes on constant. Also, if I continue to ride with the red light on, I have experienced no changes in throttle or anything, seems almost like some sensor is tripping.