Geezer riding ... again.
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Thread: Geezer riding ... again.

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    Geezer riding ... again.

    Well I escaped from the home again Saturday morning when the nurse wasn’t looking. Heeheehee

    Thought I’d go try and find Helen’s mountain again. I saw desmohead and a few other geezers at the border as well, they were going to Baker’s mountain, sounds yummy, hope they found it.

    I found my way back to Helen’s Mountain but she still had a veil on so I didn’t see much of it again…

    But her friends Rainer,

    And Hood were about.

    One of the nice Park Rangers wanted to play with me, he even turned on his nice flashy blue and red lights, but he never turned around, I wonder why? Probably just wanted to tell my that the nurse was looking for me.

    One of the many paths up the mountain…

    So many paths up the mountain, Hmm … Little River Band. Late 70’s or early ’80s, Empire Stadium, with SuperTramp, Joe Walsh, and extra bonus geezer points to who ever remembers who the 4th band was……
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    Great pics. Glad you had a good ride.

    LOL...what's with the nurses? I got one that I attempt to sneak out on as well. More often than not, though, I get caught!

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