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    GSF400 Parts HELP!

    I have recently purchased a 1991 GSF400 Bandit V with Variable Valve Timing which was imported from Japan. After parking it on the road the first night home the speedo cable was busted by some very bored individual. I ordered in a replacement only to find that the N. American version of the bike has some different parts.

    Can anyone help me find a parts list or repair manual for this version of the bike? I'd also appreciate a source to buy the right parts.

    I live in Kamloops so not entirely the best of selection for parts sourcing availability. (One Suzuki shop that's doing what they can but rather not have to buy all new parts to convert it to N. American parts $200 later)

    Please PM me or email me at


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    Welcome to owning a grey market bike.

    You would actually be better off finding a Bandit forum or posting over on someplace like and ask for suggestions for shops that will mail order stuff and then get friendly with those shops so you can get the right parts. I'm guessing here that the Japanese domestic version is likely the same as the European version.

    Alternately call the local shop down this way and see if they have a line on parts out of the Orient they can bring in for you. I don't remember the name of the local shop but try a Search on "grey bike" without the quote marks and it will bring up a bunch of threads with the name in it.
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    Another option is to find an online catalog that lists the different Bandit models and cross referencing the spare parts.

    Or, wander around some bike shops and check out their used inventory to see what has a similar speedo cable. You may also be able to get someone to make you one, save the old ones to re-use the fittings if you go this route.

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    Ya thanks for the tips. I managed to do the search on grey bikes and found the shop jp greybikes or something in North van. I called them and they can get the parts but it's 4 weeks.

    Problem I have with remaking it is that it was snapped in half. I thought I had one found in the UK but the warehouse apparently doesn't match the stock on the PC. haha.

    Guess being a complete newbie to mechanics and biking and buying a grey bike was a little silly. Love the bike though and it'll be fun getting to learn it. Thanks for the help and hopefully I find something.

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