FS: Kawasaki ZX-6R/ZX-9R race-glass
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Thread: FS: Kawasaki ZX-6R/ZX-9R race-glass

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    FS: Kawasaki ZX-6R/ZX-9R race-glass

    Hey guys, just a heads up to you. I was looking for stuff on eBay and I found this:


    Used, painted race-glass that will fit a ZX-6R or ZX-9R. As more and more pople talk about getting on the track, something like this is a good buy...keep those clean fairings in the garage at home.

    Briar? Chuck? Murph?

    I'm not selling this stuff, just thought it was cheap, and that some of you would be interested.

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    If I could buy my bike back I'd go for that, never know what the future holds. Thanks for the tip.

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