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    How Bald Is Bald!!

    Me thinks me needs a new tire...ive put 9300 on it, no burnouts just highway clicks since may..tire was brand new and it came with a shiny bike too!! Ive officially wore down a nice flat spot in the middle . im at the bottom of the tread..but the sides are still great.. Is it time to retire this tire!...or is it safe for bald have youve all gone?

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    If it looks like this....'re good to go for a while yet!
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    I have 14,500km on my front and rear Pilots... and it still has 1/16" of tread down the center.

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    If you cant feel bristles with your lips.................she`s bald.
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    its fast....
    Quote Originally Posted by arcrz View Post
    If you cant feel bristles with your lips.................she`s bald.

    that about sums it up

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    When you're down to the wear bars. Or just before if you ride in wet weather.
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    If it's flat to the bottom of the tread in the center then it's time to go tire shopping. The stuff on the sides doesn't do you any good if the center is shot.... unless you're planning on weaving in wild S turns whereever you go to use up that side rubber....
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