Your 600 for my Suped up import.
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Thread: Your 600 for my Suped up import.

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    Your 600 for my Suped up import.

    I have a 93 Si coupe with over 4gs of aftermarket parts. Parts include but are not limited to:
    Headers, CAI, Exhaust, Bodykit, Rims, etc.

    All parts are of name brande IE:
    BuddyClub, AEM, H&R, GReddy, etc.

    I have every receipt for every part including any labour that was paid for. The body and motor have 192xxx kms on it. 5 speed. Hyrdo tranny.


    Now, the vehicle is in project condition and is in need of the following parts:
    Hood, Fenders, Dash, Interior door panels and the head for the motor.

    If you want to buy it you can, however, I personally would like to trade it across for your 600cc bike. If I've got to add cash to sweeten the deal I will. Let me know what you've got...thanks.
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