KX125 up for grabs / trade
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    KX125 up for grabs / trade

    <Direct copy from my craigslist posting> But you can contact me at mario_d@telus.net

    Up for grabs is a vintage 1981 KX125. Top and bottom end were just completely rebuilt. Brand new IMS connecting rod kit, OEM main bearings and seals, New countershaft bearing and seal. Brand new clutch spates, steels and springs. Wiseco top end - rings, bearings, clips and pin. The piston was still within wear limits, and the rings did not stick, so I re-used it. STD bore. OEM gaskets all the way around. The engine has not even been broken in yet.

    Cables are all in good working order, and just lubricated. Tires are worn, but still have life left in them. Brakes shoes have plenty of time left on them. Sprockets and chain are still in great shape. Bike starts 1st or 2nd kick from cold and runs very nice. Forks don't leak, and have new boots on them. Seat has no tears in it, brand new grips. And to keep it quiet, I put on a Pro Circuit silencer.

    If you have gotten this far in the post, awesome. From what I have seen, people only list the good points / aftermarket parts of their bike, but not the bad points. So, here are the few little quarks with it. There is a bad pivot bearing on the frame linkage. Still compresses and rebounds fine though. The bars are a little bent, but they are the stock bars. Being a old bike, the plastics are not in the best shape. They are a bit faded, and the rear number plates have some cracks in them.

    Other than that, the bike is in good shape.

    I'm open to offers for it. Or I'm looking to trade for / towards (maybe plus cash) Yamaha RD's, a RZ350 or CR500 parts. Project bikes would be best
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