BC dual purpose bike website?
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Thread: BC dual purpose bike website?

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    BC dual purpose bike website?

    Hello all.
    Does anyone know if there is a website similar to this one that caters to people who ride dual purpose bikes such as DRZ's and XR's etc in BC?
    I found a nice one called thumpertalk.com. but everything seems to revolve around the US.
    I want to buy a dual purpose bike for some trail riding and fire roads, but I'd like to read up a little more one what kind I'll be getting. I've got it narrowed down to either a DRZ400 or a XR650R I think.
    I know quite a bit about sportbikes, but basically nothing about dual purpose bikes.
    Wayne Little
    Hinton, AB

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    The dualsportbc.com one is the forum for a local club so I'm not sure it'll help you much since you're in Alberta.

    The advrider.com one is good as well as www.thumpertalk.com .

    DRZ and XR650R are two VERY different bikes. The DRZ is very beginner and casual rider friendly while the XR is a much more performance oriented machine. I just had a chance to try a couple of DRZ's on the motard track and they are nice bikes with decent but not great power but they are very easy to be comfortable on in a hurry. The XR being much more a race bike will probably have more of an edge to the power delivery. That's fine if you're skilled but it can be a bit tricky on slippery stuff if you don't have the skills to modulate the throttle carefully.
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    Go with the HUSKY TE 610 it's lighter , double the horesepower of a DRZ, electric start , better handling, 6 speed transmission and can cruise on a highway barely off idle at 120 kmh and there only $7899

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