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    first road trip

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for some advice...I have to go to my company golf tournament next week in Kelowna, and I hate golf, but I love my RC51, so I'm thinking of sending my clubs up with a co-worker and riding my bike. This is my first season riding, I've put about 4k on my bike since April. My longest ride so far has been Whistler, so I'm eager, but inexperienced with longer distances.

    What is the best route? I've heard Hope/Princeton is preferrable.

    any idea on cool places to stop along the way?

    where do the cops like to hide?

    is there anything mechanical i should inspect before I go or monitor along the way?

    how uncomfortable can I expect to be on such a distance?

    Anything else I haven't considered?



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    of course, as soon as I posted this, I looked further down the thread list and found the answers to nearly all my questions...feel free to ad specifics though.

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    If this is your first bike and you have put 4K on the bike you want to take it REAL easy. Forget about the cops cuz you shouldn't be riding over the limit assuming you are this new a rider and with a serious weapon like an RC51.

    I would take highway 7 through Mission to Aggasiz to Hope and then the Hope-Princeton. Police buzz all over it. Stop every 45 minutes for a breather even shorter intervals. Listen to your body and mind. Riding can be quite exhausting particularly when you are still getting into the zone of riding which takes a few years.

    Make sure your chain is lubed up. Check your tire pressures before you go and hydrate yourself. Carry a good sized water bottle. Wear earplugs - it decreases the fatigue level.

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    51's are pretty well bulletproof. The worst part of the ride will be from Van to Hope. If you want to break it up ride the high road instead of the Trans Canada.

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    Hope/Princeton would be your best bet
    like somebody said, the ride from van to hope is boring and comming back from hope to van is even worse
    Princeton is a nice ride

    After having my bike for 2 weeks i rode up to penticton and had a blast
    just watch out for deers

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    there are some great turns frm priceton to pentiction, however, be very careful cause cars are know to drive over the yellow line.
    again, Rc51, only 4k of experience.. just be very careful esp. when you're riding alone.
    Bring an mp3 player OR earplugs, they will make your trip 100X more enjoyable.
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    The scenery will be nice and so enjoy the ride!

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    I have some advice for a new rider on an RC-51... watch for more experienced riders passing you on smaller bikes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by heisenberg View Post
    If this is your first bike and you have put 4K on the bike you want to take it REAL easy. Forget about the cops cuz you shouldn't be riding over the limit assuming you are this new a rider and with a serious weapon like an RC51.
    That's a good way of wording things. Going to be tough to control the urges on that bike.

    Have fun dude, longer trips are where it's at.

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    watch for the cops on those long straight aways
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    thanks for all the tips guys...i hope i don't come off the wrong way in asking about cops...i'm comfortable going 20+ the limit, which isn't even fast, but its fast enough to land a nasty ticket. I always respect the machine and I'm quite proud of being the slowest guy ever on an RC51 :-)

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