Tips for a new girl rider?
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Thread: Tips for a new girl rider?

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    Talking Tips for a new girl rider?

    Hey there! I've been seriously considering getting a motorcycle and was wondering if anybody could offer some advice. I know quite a few guys with bikes, have had a lot of experience as a passenger, but would like to be in control!

    I'm 5'2 and about 105lbs so I'm definitely not ready for a bigger bike. I'm not planning on buying a bike until next season, but I'm going to be taking the MSF course in a month or two to see how I do and if riding is going to be right for me.

    Any suggestions on what to do for a new bike? Has to be able to go pretty good on a highway because I'd be riding on the highway just about every day. I read some material about what to get for a first bike, and I'm thinking the Suzuki GS500F. I'm a small girl and sitting on a Gixxer, my heels don't touch the ground! About the GS500F though as well as the Ninja 500R, the wheels look super thin compared to the 600's or 750's I've seen, what's the deal there?

    Any input or advice would be great, thanks!

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    Well, first welcome and congrats!

    You are already pointed in the right direction. Course is a 'must' and after it you will have a better idea what fit will work for you.

    Both the bikes you mention are also perfect for a beginner, and many girls that ride are quite small such as yourself. You may find you need some help to flatfoot, either from boots, adjsutments etc.

    But all of that is ahead of you.

    For now, go register for that course, read up on the info you can, see if you can locate yourself a supervisor after the course, once you have your bike to help you before you are fully licensed.

    Good luck!
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    Sign up for a course, learn some basic skills, and see what the intructors can recommend for you
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    If you take the course, get licensed and buy a bike, then spend money on decent gear. Talk to staff at the shops to get a helmet that fits - not one that looks good (my mistake for my first helmet) and make sure you don't skimp on the other gear.

    Expect guys to be more annoying than they are now. Women on bikes are extra desirable for some reason.

    Good luck and have fun!
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    Welcome to our way of life!!!

    Good on ya for taking a course. Once you've got the experience from the course under your belt, you'll be able to take a few bikes out for a test ride to see what fits you, and you'll have some idea of what you like and don't like about those particular bikes.

    When you're figuring out what you wanna spend to get into riding, make sure you look at more than just the price of the bike. Gear is an absolute must! Your course should teach you something about gear, but if not, go into a good shop and have a pro fit you for a good helmet. Spend some money here. If you crash and spend a month off work recovering from a head injury, what'll that cost you. Honest, the higher priced helmet is cheaper. Next come the leathers (or maybe textiles?). At least the jacket. And wear it all the time, every time, 'cause nobody likes road-rash. That goes for having it and looking at it.

    Take your time, do the research, and be smart about it. You'll love it and have fun with it.
    Good luck!
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    always wear a halter top and short shorts.

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    Both of those options for bikes are excellent choices not only for you as a beginner but for the long haul if you don't choose to want to move on (not up, just on).

    30 years ago a 500 of any sort was considered serious stuff. It's only with today's overachiever attitude that they are seen as "beginner bikes". But both of them still are faster off the line than most cars that don't cost up into the higher 5 digit prices. Keep that in mind. They may be seen as a beginner option but they are perfectly capable of getting you into trouble if you ride them aggresively at the wrong times.

    Other than that small warning welcome to a great sport/hobby/lifestyle.

    And don't sweat the small tires. I've got stuff that is even skinnier on my dual sport and I was embarrasing quite a few modern sportbikes in the turns at our local track nights at Boundry Bay. There are options for tires for those two bikes that are easily far better than you can realize at the moment. They are narrow because both these bikes are older designs that have been kept alive in this form to keep the costs down.
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    welcome to the lifestyle. Take that course and always wear your gear. Been seeing too many young girls out there riding with tank tops on. It just takes one fall and can we say skin graft? See what the instructors recommend for a bike
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    no more bike... too be continued :)
    I would stay away from the lawn mower GS500, thing is heavy and clunky !!!

    I would look into the Ninja 250/500 or even the CBR 125R.

    take the course, buy the gear and get a bike in that order !!!

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    I think a brand new CBR 125 incl. all the gear and PDI is like 4300.00 at Carter Honda in Grandville Island
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    I am 5'5 and I bought the GS500. Yes, it is heavy, and as a girl I can't get the damn thing on the centrestand by myself. However, it's totally a matter of personal bike fits me well and I just didn't like the look of the Ninja. Plus, I wanted a naked bike so that influenced my decision.

    I was all set on getting a 125 before I took a course, and then by the end of it I figured even a 250 was slow! For me it's not about speeding around town, but I like the fact that the GS is a bit larger of a bike. However, the look of the 125 is nice and's the engine that I was concerned about redlining. You may love it however!

    Good luck out there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by slowzuki View Post
    I think a brand new CBR 125 incl. all the gear and PDI is like 4300.00 at Carter Honda in Grandville Island
    4800 for the 08's which is your only chance of ever owning once unless you manage to grab someone selling theres.

    also if you go with their per month deal it will set you back 5300 ish.

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    This is all good information if you want some women's opinions and are on facebook go here:

    There are ALOT of excellent female riders here or also post any questions you have in the women's forum.

    Us men have pretty good advice, but some of the ladies on here have been through it all and can probably offer some more tips and tricks.
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    Thanks for all the input so far! I read through the motorcycle handbook and am going out to take the learners test in a couple hours. After that I'm registering for the course and definitely looking forward to it!

    Any other advice that you offer, keep in mind that I am totally willing to spend money on the best I can get. As far as gear like helmet, jacket, gloves etc I think those things are totally important and will wear them every single time I ride! Also very willing to spend money on them.

    Same idea for the bike, I'm willing to spend money, but I don't want to be cocky and get a GSX-R 600 as my first bike, no matter how much I love them. Anybody out there have an opinion on how big of a mistake that would be? I'm almost tempted but I keep hearing that bigger, more powerful bikes are NOT for beginners. Especially little ones like me!

    Thanks for all the great advice so far, especially about the short shorts... really appreciate it!

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