Thu., Aug. 9, Mt. Baker early afternoon departure
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Thread: Thu., Aug. 9, Mt. Baker early afternoon departure

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    Thu., Aug. 9, Mt. Baker early afternoon departure

    CANCELLED...70% chance of rain tonight....on top of that there's 1hr wait at Huntingdon, 1.5hrs wait at Aldergrove...

    I know there are 2 rides tomorrow on this board, but 8am one is too early for me, and 5pm is too late. So I thought I should organize my own:

    Pace: 10km/h over the speed limit on straight lines and freeways

    Meeting places (please post if you're coming):
    #1 Petro Canada on Brunette Ave between Hwy1 and Lougheed Hwy (Exit 40 Brunette Ave N on Hwy1), meet at 2pm, leave at 2:15pm
    #2 Shell station on SR542, corner Silver Lake Rd in Maple Falls, WA, meet at 4pm, leave at 4:30pm. This is the last gas station towards Mt. Baker.

    Please come with enough fuel to go for at least 100km, we'll gas up in Sumas. We'll go there via Hungtingdon or Aldergrove, depends on wait time. We're doing at least 2 round trips between Maples Falls and the top, hopefully 3. After, we'll go for a dinner at a very good mexican restaurant in Sumas, they have nice food and cheap drinks (of course, dinner is optional, you can go home without it).

    Bring proof of citiezenship. If any of us get pulled over by a cop, only those pulled over will stop, or all of us may receive tickets.
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