What tires were you on??

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  • Avon

    3 3.33%
  • Pirelli

    10 11.11%
  • Dunlop

    22 24.44%
  • Michelin

    27 30.00%
  • Metzeler

    5 5.56%
  • Bridgestone

    23 25.56%
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Thread: What tires were you on??

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    What tires were you on??

    I'm due for some new tires on my Busa, don't have any idea what to get

    I thought I'd throw the question out to those that have High sided/lowsided to what tires were on your bike when it happened??

    Reason why I ask is , when I was getting tires on my old bike the mechanic said see all those wrecked bikes over there... 90 % were on dunlops , they dont get hot enough for street use...

    I am leaning right now toward the CT Pilot power's or the Metzeler M1 sportec, but would like to see what you guy's think

    http://www.2wf.com/index2.php?option...o_pdf=1&id=236 interesting read

    Lot's of threads on this subject but I don't think anyone asked the question of which tires were on the bike when you went down !!
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    There are several threads on this Gary! Search!

    Avon Storms and STs are my favorite. Pilots Powers and Pirelli Diablos are just as good as well.

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    Takeoffs rule. pure knee draggin fun. They don't last long tho...
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    monkee Array
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    If you're worried about them not getting hot enough for street use, avoid the Perelli's

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    Swivel on it Array SkydiveSonic's Avatar
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    I lowsided when my bike was wearing D207's. Dunlops SUCK. After 12000k on them, i switched to pilot powers and never looked back. The 207's had inch wide chicken strips after all that time, on the first evening with the powers i had none. Even when they were being broken in they had more grip than the dunlops EVER had.

    In Osoyoos a few weeks ago, me and a friend with the same bike (and stock 207's) ran the same high speed stretch of road a few times. I stopped to look at the tyres - mine were sticky like glue to the touch, the 207's were barely warm.
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    Since you're serious, it's not really us you should ask, but the tire Mfgrs.
    themselves, so how about sending one or two of them an email?!

    For your interest, a few years back, Metzler sent their best & brightest
    North American engineer to our Abbottsford Bike Show. He came from the

    He was scheduled to give a talk/lecture ON TIRES! (I said "wow" when I
    read the programming when inside the show and said I'm going !!!)

    Guess how many of "our" brightest & best showed up for the talk? NONE! (But, hey, they'll all tell you on Robson St. their frigging irrelevant arm-chair pro's opinion! Yeah, right!)

    Anyway, I was the only guy that showed up for the talk. We both waited
    longer before he would start... I had to go to the front office and ask them
    to announce it again! So finally "a handful" more showed up and the talk
    started. And what an eye-opener it was! So email Metzler for what it's
    worth and ask them the same humble question, and ask for their
    recommendation of street tire applications, by functional type use
    and see what they say! Good luck!
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    it's a bad musician who blames his instrument.
    there tends to be alot more to a crash than just the tires.
    I've so far been happy with d207's,d208's, supercorsa's, bt14's, pilot sport's, some metzler take offs (can't remember which) and some other radial tires I can't even remember the name of (Battlax?), in fact i've been satisfired with every tire i've ever run.. well, i did nearly highside with my pirelli slick last time at mission, but I don't totally blame the tire for that.
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    It runs...
    Ever consider that maybe showroom floor bikes are shod with Dunlop OEM more than any other brand?
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    This post is simply the opinion of the poster and is not to be construed as instructions or advice. Your mileage may vary.
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    I think the tires that come stock on bikes has a lot to do with other factors most of us aren't aware of.

    For example, I was told that on cars, trucks, vans the manufacturers put tires on them with low rolling resistance which enables them to obtain the highest possible fuel economy numbers. I suspect price comes into the equation, too.

    I don't know what the reasons are for bikes but I suspect price is a significant factor.
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    I crashed on 2CTs. Retarded amounts of traction compaired to the dunlops that were on it before. Retarded traction untill i pushed up the pace to jerk level and then hit a mud patch.

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    My Metzellers kicked ass in the rain
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    avon will have the least crashes since no one runs avons

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    Quote Originally Posted by fish_antlers View Post
    avon will have the least crashes since no one runs avons
    Same reason why there are no viruses for the Mac. Not enough users for the kiddie scripters to write viruses for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaybo View Post
    it's a bad musician who blames his instrument.
    It's also the main link between you and the road. Choice between something that gives you grip and confidence, over something that doesn't .... I'll take option a every single time
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    Gary, Ive tried the Pilot Powers and M1's on my ex bike...I thought the Pilot Powers were a lot better and I felt a lot more confortable on them. Hope that helps.

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