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    Just wanting to know where you all bought your equipment? Where did you get the best service? Who has the best selection of women's gear? best prices? I'm a newbie and plan on getting my class 6 next year.
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    For womens gear...probably Richmond Motorsports has the best selection. I have bought gear from Richmond, Burnaby Kawi, and Motorcycle World and had great service for either.

    The KBC helmets seems to be quite popular, very good quality, light and affordable. What it come right down too, is buy what fits you properly. The major differences between helmets are construction, weight, and ventilation. Ask for help when it comes to buying a helmet. The sales staff will make sure you don't buy something too big.

    In terms of jackets, go with a textile at the least....with hard armor. Ask for assistance in sizing. You want the jacket to fit snug so it doesn't shift around on ya in the event of a crash. Same goes for the pants, if you can, buy them as well...and textile at a minimum.

    Gloves with armor that fit nicely is all that I can say. Get something that you can wear for hours on end, your likely going to be doing that.

    Boots, Pretty much anything over the ankle will work. Riding boots can be expensive, but well worth it. They should last you for a few season. But at a minimum, but a set of all leather boots.

    If your looking for leathers, your gonna have a hard time finding alot of ladies sizing and colors, so try on what you can and they will generally order what you like.

    If custom leathers are what your looking for, go to BK and buy the Vansons. You won't be sorry.

    If money is an issue....I would break it down in this way:

    1) Good quality helmet
    2) Fair qualilty jacket (Textile although leather is perfered)
    3) Good qualilty gloves (for an extra $20 in some cases, you can get better gloves then the cheapos)
    4) Pants (jeans first and move onto textiles and leather)
    5) Regular work type ove the ankle boots

    If your taking a course (highly recommended) they will supply the helmet and in most cases, the gloves. They require at least a jean jacket and boots if I remember correctly.

    Buy the best gear you can afford. and a crappy bike to start .

    RMS: Talk to Rob
    Burnaby Kawi: Talk to Trevor or Brian
    Motorcycle World: Talk to Brian or Dan

    All of the stores are listed in our links page.

    Hope this helps....
    Ride in peace my friends...

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    If you search through the womens forum there are tons of links on this topic. Good luck!

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    Go to the bike show at the tradex in abbotsford jan 24, 25, and 26. they will have all last years stock, wasn't too much ladies stuff last year but its worth a look and save some money if you don't need gear right at this moment

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    i'm a young fashion designer, graduating this year, and hoping to start up with a company to design and create gear for lady bikers in leather and cordura nylon. anybody up for this idea? would you be interested in a local company?? one kwantlen graduate is making custom leather outfits....if you get this post...pls private message me...lets hook up. i would love to see if there would be a local market here in the lower mainland... thanks ladies and gentlemen!!

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