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    Rider down

    Was coming off Alex fraser around the loop heading to nordel and saw what looked like a red and white R1, and an asian guy coming out of the weeds. If he was the rider, he looked ok. There was also a cop on the other side of the road. If you're on this site, i hope you're ok and sorry i couldn't stop cause it was kind off in a unsafe area to stop.

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    wonder if it's anyone here? Hope they weren't trying to run from the cops
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    I saw it too....definitely a Yamaha but it was too messed up for me to tell what year or anything. Saw a Repsol and Gixxer parked on the side of the road....I was also passing overhead towards the Fraser heading for PRS.

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    its a GIXXER not Yamaha. buddy of mine, good thing he's ok. diagnosis...concussion.
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